Who We Are:

Pretty Hair Posse's Brand was established to encourage young girls and women all around the world to embrace their natural hair and beauty by growing beautiful and healthy hair. P.H.P promotes the world’s first hair vitamin in the form of a pink lemonade and tea to help girls and young ladies of all ages, ethnicities, hair types and cultures grow beautiful, healthy hair. 

Our Mission Statement:

Pretty Hair Posse is committed to building the community through the entrepreneurship and empowerment of young women and girls.

Our Purpose:

The primary purpose of P.H.P is to empower young women to become Entrepreneurs, the home of the Girl Boss. We are influential in the Girl Boss industry. Pretty Hair Posse provides opportunities for young adults to earn funding for college in the event parents are financially challenged. Pretty Hair Posse is a Brand that prides itself on setting a positive example and loves to inspire and empower the youth of today.